We ship worldwide! Including Canada, Asia, Europe, US, UK, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore and many many more. All orders are fully insured to their full value. Prices shown do not include any import taxes due on the product to destination countries other than the US, where no import tax is due. Our shipping fee is $15 with an estimated delivery time of 5-15 days, depending on the destination and our current stock levels. Gems take 5-10 working days to arrive with us and the delivery time for setting the gem into a piece of jewellery is approximately 2-4 weeks as rings are custom made to order to your exact specification in order to maximize the beauty and individuality of your jewellery. Check out our handy import tax chart to quickly determine the cost of import tax to your home country or intended delivery destination
2Packaging – What you get with your order
Your luxury Sirius gem deserves only the best packaging. Arriving to you in unmarked, hand-packed white envelope or boxes, ensuring the safety of your purchase while allowing you to keep it secret.
3Returns policy
If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we can guarantee you a refund of the full price paid for the product. Any refund does not include our original shipping costs and returns costs must be covered by the customer, not by us. To return your product please use the original packaging or FedEx original packaging. The shipment must be returned to us within 18 days, if the package arrives after 18 days a fee of 3.5% of the total purchase price will be deducted from your refund to cover our Paypal fees. After we take receipt of the product, the gem and certificate will be examined to ensure it is in the same pristine condition it was in when it left us and you will receive your refund within 10 days after this if the gem is seen to be in the same condition it arrived in.
4Ring Size Chart
Before you take the plunge and buy a beautiful, custom-made ring it’s important you know the correct size that you need. We’ve put together a handy ring size chart for you, helping you buy the right size. Ring sizr chart
5Product Care
Our high-quality, shining piece of jewellery is designed and crafted to last for generations to come. Each piece uniquely crafted with love, passion and care, they need regular cleaning and care to remain in pristine condition. Your jewellery must be cleaned regularly, although the use of professional-level ultrasonic cleaners are not strictly necessary when there are far more efficient, easy ways to clean your unique pieces of jewellery. To easily and quickly clean your jewellery at home, simply get an old toothbrush, some dishwashing detergent, hot water and a small bowl. Mix dishwashing detergent with hot water in the bowl and leave your jewellery to soak for five minutes. When the time is over, take the piece out, dip the toothbrush into the solution and gently scrub the piece, taking care to get into all the crevices where dirt would usually accumulate, including the lower facets of the gemstones to ensure your gem retains its perfect sparkle. You can clean any piece of jewellery using this method, however, anything containing organic substances (including pearl, amber or coral), or oil-treated gems such as emeralds, needs to be cleaned using water no warmer than 40 degrees Celcius. After cleaning, allow the jewellery to dry and polish using toothpaste on a soft cloth. Lightly soak the cloth in water before using, gently rub your piece for at least 30 seconds, taking care not to touch the gemstones. After polishing, rinse your piece of jewellery under cold, running water and dry with a soft cloth.