Sirius Gem

We’re happy to introduce you to the Sirius gem, a brand new gem on the market with qualities that eclipse even those of a natural diamond. The low price, special cut features and incredible quality lead the Sirius gem to the forefront of the synthetic market and make it an incredible diamond alternative. Costing a fraction of the price of lower quality diamonds, and up to 60% cheaper than other equivalent SiC gems, the Sirius gem is the brightest in the sky of available gems currently on the market. Simply choose the perfect cut for you and enjoy living the dream of luxury for a lower price with Sirius gems

Who wouldn’t want to be gifted a truly stunning Sirius gem? At first glance, you can see how beautiful it looks and she’ll be amazed by how light such a gorgeous gem can be. Compared to diamonds, Sirius gems weigh less – so your beau can wear a huge rock without feeling weighed down. This new generation gem also comes with a hardness rating of 9.25, meaning it can withstand being worn all of the time during everyday life and will still be shining bright for a generation to come. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Sirius gems before, it’s a new era of gemstones sweeping the world. When comparing the color, hardness and weight with a diamond, it’s no wonder people are ditching tradition and trying something new. Each gem is precision hearts and arrows cut, which means the gem is cut with superior symmetry that shows perfectly formed hearts from the bottom view and arrows from the top view. It is easy to see when viewing a gem whether it has been cut in such a highly-skilled way and is sure to take anyone’s breath away. Such awe-inspiring work can only be done by the most skilled workers and each gem undergoes stringent inspections, where even tiny imperfections are not acceptable! This means, when you buy a Sirius gem, you are safe in the knowledge that you have bought an incredibly skilfully crafted gem that is not found in many places. We take every rehoming of a Sirius gem seriously, you will be welcomed into the Sirius gems and jewelry family and provided with the most beautiful items money can buy in stylish, luxury packaging. Our customer service team are ready to serve you and help you in any way they can, from choosing the right Sirius gem for you, to helping you with any questions you may have about your order. We are innovators in the gem market and can’t wait to bring you on this journey with us, so if you are ready for the new age of diamonds, we will be here sparkling the brightest in the sea of gems!

Chemical composition of the Sirius gem

The chemical composition of Sirius Gems is SiC (Silicon Carbide), commonly referred to as moissanite. The Sirius gems we produce are created using only the finest quality lab-grown 4H polytypes, all E-F colour and VVS clarity.

Never heard of moissanite? Let us give you a few basics then.

Did you know that moissanite can be found in nature here on earth? Or that it’s been found inside meteorites? While moissanite is present both here on earth and in meteorites, it’s only ever been found in incredibly small quantities, all the moissanite found so far is just enough to produce a single pair of earrings.

Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about moissanite below:

Sirius is the only gem which needs more "C" to describe its uniqueness


The Sirius gem comes with a certificate or product card stating it’s actual weight and diamond-equivalent weight in ct.


Each breathtaking Sirius gem has a clarity rating of VVS, the second best possible for any gem.


The E-F colours of the Sirius gems showcase the premium quality, with only a fraction of natural diamonds able to reach the same clarity.


Besides its beauty, the cost is one of Sirius gem’s ultimate selling points. For fraction of the price of a diamond, and up to 60% cheaper than other synthetic gems, the Sirius gem gives you better quality for a much lower price.


The cut makes the gem truly brilliant, adding character and flare. We are dedicated to focusing our efforts on ensuring the best quality cuts for your Sirius gems.

Conflict Free & Environmentally Friendly

A world away from the conflicts of diamonds, the Sirius gem is an environmentally-friendly alternative gem.

Customer service

It’s not just the Sirius gem that makes your experience with us so unforgettable; our customer service team is fully dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible experience, aiming to exceed all your expectations every step of the way.
The cuts used on the Sirius gems are designed to allow the gem to reach the full potential of its beauty, maximizing shine, brilliance, and beauty. Optimized to the SiC refraction index, the Sirius cuts differ slightly to the cuts of natural diamonds. Working with skilled, experienced gem cutters, we transform the raw SiC material into breathtaking individual gems, each one cut with care and passion. With no girdle engravings or laser inscriptions, the Sirius gems are untainted beauties filled with fire and faceted precisely in order to maximize its neverending beauty.

Round Cut

Round cut | Hearts & Arrows (8 Hearts and 8 Arrows) | Faceted Girdle (all Round cut Gems above 4.5mm)
The round cut is a timelessly elegant gem cut, popular all throughout the world and a popular prime cut with our own customers. Mastered to perfection from years of experience, the round cuts are designed to show the true fire, sparkle, and brilliance of each gem. Visit our e-shop to find out more about the sizes we offer and choose your dream gem.

Each Sirius gem over 4.5mm with a round cut features a faceted girdle and the hearts and arrows pattern, making the gem stand out amongst the crowd.
Round Cut Gems Cutting: 1.00 mm– 3.00mm Hearts&Arrows cut 57 facet
Round Cut Gems Cutting: 3.50mm – 15.00mm Hearts-Arrows cut 57 facets & Faceted Girdle | 8 Hearts & 8 Arrows
Sirius Gem Depth: 55% - 60% of Sirius gem diameter (e.g. 5.00mm x 0.60 = 3mm)

Sirius Gem

Fancy Cuts

Cushion 57 facets | Asscher 57 facets | Oval 57 facets | Princess 49 facets | Radiant 57 facets | Emerald 57 facets
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any cut requests and we will get right back to you with a price.

Actual weight vs. diamond equivalent weight

The Sirius gem weighs about 12% less than a diamond of the same size, you can find both the actual weight and the weight as a diamond in your product certificate, as well as other useful information such as the colour, clarity, cut and size dimensions.
Each Sirius gem comes to you with its own certificate, where you can find useful gem properties like measurements/ct. weight, color, clarity and other information. Please note that Sirius depends on its size and every gem has the same properties as each batch is cut from the same type of grown crystal. That is also why we can guarantee Sirius gem extraordinary quality.
Each of our beautiful Sirius gems come with a lifetime warranty against losing their lustre, assuring you that your new gem will continue to sparkle for generations to come. In order to maximise its sparkle, don’t forget to clean your gem regularly.
The Sirius gem warranty does not cover damage, breakages, scratches, loss or theft and the gem should be handled with care to ensure no damage comes to it. The Sirius gem is similar to work with as sapphire is, with a heat resistance above that of a natural diamond at 2000 degrees F, ensuring that a skilled goldsmith or jeweller can set your stone for you.

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